Dot marking unit BM60x40i Speed 7 (4 rows = 27 digits in 13 seconds)
Portable dot marking unit BM60x40p
Hot marking using a dot peen marker at 900 °C
Labelling a rotating unit with a dot peen marker
Key labelling in an automated plant using a dot peen marker
Car part labelling by dot peen marker
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Telephone and fax numbers as well as e-mail addresses remain the same.

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Your reliable partner if you need labelling solutions for your quality products. Our products are used for direct marking and coding in the automotive, aerospace, steel, plastics and packaging sectors.

What’s NEW:

Differential System with
fixed drive®

Compact design and optimised cycles

The functional principle of the patented differential system allows for a small, compact structure. The differential system obviates tilting limitations, meaning the surface to be marked can be fully exploited, maximising the marking area.

The differential system allows for a small, compact structure, leading to increased acceleration and deceleration, generating faster process speeds and shorter cycles. It applies text, logos and data matrix codes to components with optimal clarity and precision.

Get in touch: we will be happy to collaborate on an individual or standardised labelling solution for your application. You will receive a sample marking from us within 48 hours.